Golf Swing

Its finally coming together… been spending time working on it in the backyard and started going to the driving range. Today it started to show.

This is my second day in a row going to the range and when I started today the slice that dominted everything yesterday continued. Was getting pretty frustrated when I decided to slow it down, focus on keeping the club head controlled and closed at impact. I noticed too that twisting my hips on the downswing helped.

I hit two large buckets of balls and by the end of the second one I was driving long with all my might and only seeing a small hint of a slice.

Even better, I picked a spot and continued to aim for it with improving results. Long swings are nice, but ultimately you want to control where the ball lands.

But swinging with everything I have and the ball traveling STRAIGHT was way cool… THAT’S what it all about. That’s why I started playing long ago.



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