W Today

Its that time again – he needed a haircut so stopped by this afternoon on a very warm Saturday. He was sleeping but woke when Luciano loaded him in the wheelchair.

After the haircut Luciano gives him a rough shower… rough because though Luciano has a good heart he doesn’t have a light touch. That plus the fact that W is a very heavy 125 lbs. W hasn’t the strength or ability to control his own body so isn’t easy to move him around… he doesn’t shift his weight or balance when it would help. Anyway, all that to say Luciano probably is unaware of his tendency to be rough with his care.

In the end W is clean and that’s the important thing.

So now he’ll be delivered to his room where I’m waiting. Usually after a shower he’s tired, either from the ordeal or from a seizure. When he was younger and I gave him showers I noticed he’d have seizures whenever water got near his face… kind of made it hard to wash his hair, but you do what you have to do. I tried everything to avoid seizures this way but most of the time there wasn’t anything you could do about it.

Another predictable seizure trigger was pulling a tee shirt off of him. Putting it on was ok, but pulling one over his head was a sure way to bring on a seizure.


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