Obama’s Big Bang May Go Bust | POLITICO.com

Obama’s Big Bang could go bust – Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei – POLITICO.com

Oh my… where to start.

I have to echo again the role the press plays in all of this. Obama and his administration likely read glowing headlines from an adoring press and assumed they had a mandate to radically change things.

His victory in November was NOT by the huge support portrayed by the media. It was very similar to Bush’s win over Kerry in 2004 and nobody viewed that as any kind of mandate.

Next up is the possibility that a young president with only two years experience as an Illinois senator may not have had wisdom to tell his chief of staff not to try too much at once. My conversations with people who voted for him agreed that Obama is trying to do too much too fast.

Also, I’m still surprised everyone lays the blame on the Republicans. Hello?!! Were not these the same people touting the demise of the Republican party? For several months after the election all I heard was that the Republicans were in disarray, without a leader and no focus whatsoever. Obama even made a point of singling out Rush Limbaugh because everyone though he spoke for the GOP. So the mighty Obama with a majority in both houses of Congress is brought down so easily by such weakened opponents? Please… WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!

Obama has been brought down by advocating the opposite of what ordinary Americans expect from themselves and everyone else – namely, balance your friggin checkbook and don’t spend more than you make.

Running the deficit up so much that billions became nothing compared to trillions is what has built such opposition. Congress passing laws while admitting to not reading them will bring ordinary Americans to a townhall meeting and ask what the hell is going on. Congress also planning to pass a law that they can opt out of will also cause ordinary people to demand justice.

Everyone expects public anger to pass at which point the Dems will try to pass their legislation. The problem is this has gained so much momentum that even the press must now pay attention to townhalls and spending bills. This administration tried to do way to much way too soon, thinking they had way more public support than a lapdog media would truthfully report.

In the end the average American can still distinguish crap served up by the New York Times from the truth. And for the Dems it’s just like the old saying goes: “The truth hurts.”


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