Obama’s Religion

Pajamas Media » Obama’s Twisted Faith

Presidents lead for ALL people, even those who do not profess faith in religion.

Bush was a known Christian who expressed faith in Christ, but I would bet the only time he pulled that out was in the early years of his two terms. If you truly understand the significance of who God is and what He’s about, you don’t easily wrap your earthly intentions with the nobility of His character.

God works in mysterious ways, the old saying goes. One of the ways  is thru our failures and defeats – indeed, those familiar with scripture understand that sometimes He places thorns where you wanted rose petals… and He does this for your own good. Would you be so eager to claim a spiritual mandate if you knew God planned for you frustration or failure, or that He intended to use these for your growth?

Politicians need to be very careful about draping holy robes about their efforts – the Holy One that some proclaim to admire achieved His greatest victory thru defeat.


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