Plastic Breaks Down in Ocean | Nat’l Geographic

Plastic Breaks Down in Ocean, After All — And Fast

Though ocean-borne plastic trash has a reputation as an indestructible, immortal environmental villain, scientists announced yesterday that some plastics actually decompose rapidly in the ocean.

I always thought that that if man-made materials were so destructive to the environment because they didn’t rapidly decompose, then why not put that lasting property to good use making things you DIDN’T want to breakdown.

In other words, if our landfills are clogging up due to materials that don’t breakdown easily, wouldn’t it make sense to use those materials to develop containers to hold things that were not supposed to leach into the environment? Like, say nuclear waste?

I know this is much more complex than appears on the surface, but part of my argument is to expose the weak logic of people who think the environment is a fragile house of cards waiting for the next man-made item to cause it’s collapse. Either the environment is much more durable than we’ve been lead to presume, or our ability to create long lasting disasters is pretty much overrated.


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