Comcast Over AT&T

So this is pretty close to comical…

Quick recap – AT&T wandered thru the neighborhood last weekend touting their new fiber optic internet service. Problem is, unless you’re paying close attention to all the fine print it’s fiber optic up to the local node, then DSL from there to your house.

So I bought the sizzle thinking I was getting crazy ass network speed, only to be slightly disappointed once it all got sorted out.

Here’s the juicy part though – their DSL service to our house is absolutely, unequivocally, spectacularly horrible. Even when getting the Elite 18Mbps pkg (at a discount because I complained) it’s still slower than Comcast. I hadn’t disconnected the Comcast service so got the bright idea to switch between modems while doing Speakeasy tests.

In summary, even after paying extra for faster DSL from AT&T the cable modem with a cheap bottom-tier internet service from Comcast rocks… over twice as fast. And I tested it multiple times (48) over multiple days.

And to be fair, I think our house is about as far from the local DSL node as can be without dropping signal all together. If that’s the case it won’t matter if we buy the fastest package from AT&T, it’ll still be slow.

Too bad – for the brief part of a wild-eyed techie dream I thought I was going to get me some fiber optic… not this time.

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