ANOTHER Obama Faux Pax –

Federal news, government operations, agency management, pay & benefits –

Only posting this because it’s VERY surprising Obama inserted his foot in his mouth again – I thought this guy was supposed to be incredibly smart and a great speaker… what the hell is going on?!!!

This time in a town hall session (which draw a lot more spotlight than before) he offered the Post Office as an example of an inefficient government agency “that’s always having problems.”

Maybe the subtlety will be lost on the 330,000 members of the American Postal Workers Union.

This follows the remarkably thoughtless racial comments he made about what should have been a minor news event between a Cambridge cop and a belligerent Harvard professor.

Sure, presidents are going to have bad days and everyone says something they wish could be taken back. But we’re barely six months into this administration… either Obama was vastly oversold to the public or we better hope he learns quickly.


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