Sex – Lather, Rinse and Repeat

It’s evening now and I got out to water the garden and practice my golf swing. I like doing that on the weekends because I fire up a cigar too… beautiful way to relax. Next up will be to make a martini and, in a perfect world, enjoy a night of passion with my luscious wife-to-be. But the rule is that when there are kids in the house (hers – two of them) there is no romance at all.

And that just sucks because she is about the hottest 44 year-old you can imagine. She’s Asian, and like most, has aged well…very well – I know a lot of women in their 30s that would kill to look like her. She still has her figure, watches her weight (strict 120 lbs), skin so clear and soft, beautiful bright eyes, and the most fabulous double-D breasts that never knew they were supposed to drop with age. Sometimes it takes everything I’ve got not to just bury my face between them.

When we first started dating her kids would spend every other weekend away… those were the most hedonistic weekends I’d ever known. It seemed like all we did was eat, sleep, and you-know-what for 48 hours. Lather, rinse and repeat as needed. Occasionally we’d surface to go out to a restaurant, but for the most part it was one long lustful weekend.

As the kids got older they decided visits with their dad wouldn’t be a weekend thing or even overnight. Add to that summer vacation and there is literally no time when they’re not away from home without us.

Don’t get me wrong – they’re good kids and I don’t mind being around them. But looking back, her and I had it so good for a while – every other weekend we were able to consume each other with no reservations.

Oh well – life is about seasons, and that season will very memorable as each year passes.


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