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Private perks? | Editorials | | Southern California News | News for Inland Southern California

This is essentially about the senate ethics committee pretending it doesn’t see corruption. Sen. Dodd and Sen. Conrad got off because their cohorts decided the rules they bent were bent by others also… never mind they received gifts from those they were supposed to be regulating. Bastard politicians.

And let’s be clear – it’s not like a parking violation or speeding during rush hour. People are losing their homes due to a mortgage industry that was wildly out of control… but Dodd and Conrad get off because, well – because everyone else was doing it too.

The ethics committee’s decision was an indictment of the rules, not an exoneration of Dodd and Conrad.

Again, my only surprise is that elected officials are surprised when angry constituents show up at town hall meetings frothing at the mouth.



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