Becoming More Clear

So the smoke is clearing on this health care thing and a couple of obvious points have emerged:

  • Obama and the Democrats tried to bum rush the nation with health care reform… they wanted it done before the August recess and if it wasn’t for some Blue Dog Democrats who choked on the cost, it might have happened. The problem is Americans had barely finished coming to grips with the enormous cost of a stimulus package that was also bum rushed through Congress. And prior to that a rush of bailouts for banks and auto companies – the word “billion” became pocket change compared to the trillion dollar headlines in the news each day.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, Obama is not loved by everyone. In fact his election was similar to Bush’s victory over Kerry in 2004. Obama supporters, including most of the press, are totally blind to the fact that half the nation will show up at a townhall meeting with the simple political goal of derailing the president.
  • The press is not just asleep at the wheel but they continue to swill the Kool Aide served up by this administration. They are determined that the first black president enjoy overwhelming support, and if their coverage is to be believed then that is happening. Except it’s not. Half the nation would have voted for another candidate if someone better than McCain had been available.
    • Remember, prior to his nomination McCain was detested by Republicans due to his “maverick” reputation and many forays across the aisle.
    • Remember also that when McCain was nominated it took a major effort by Republicans to convince their party members that he wasn’t Satan’s alter ego.
    • That Obama didn’t have a much larger margin of victory due to abundant press support, McCain’s weakness, AND record campaign donations is a huge testimony to how tenuous his grip on political leadership actually is.

In the end we have a president and congress who were elected not on their own merits so much as the distaste America had for the other options. The press has yet to wake up to this fact, thus people have taken to townhall demonstrations to get their points across – which are:

  1. Stop spending their tax dollars like drunk soccer moms on ladies night out.
  2. For Pete’s sake, read the goddamn bills before you sign them.
  3. If you’re going to pass a law that forces everyone to do something, make sure you’re included as well.

One Response to Becoming More Clear

  1. coldwarning says:

    I think McCain would have had a much better chance if he hadn’t chosen Palin as a VP candidate. He also followed his campaign “Bush Era” cronies so far right that he became an angry white guy whose campaign began bringing out the ugly fringe side of the Party. All the baseless “Obama’s a Terrorist”, “Obama’s a Muslim” crap coming from the crowds at the rallies.

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