Snookered by AT&T

So Comcast switched over to fully digital television and since we only had one digital box that meant we couldn’t get half the channels on 3 of 4 TVs. Which was kind of lame, and they were going to charge an extra monthly fee to get what we had before so I felt a little better about switching to AT&T.

AT&T’s sales pitch was sweetened with the promise of fiber optic internet speed… seriously, like WOW. For a tech guy like me fiber optic was a dream come true. Internet speeds that far surpassed anything you could get with DSL or a cable modem. So I decided to do it even though it was more expensive and a little voice inside said don’t… should have listened to that little voice.

[SIDE NOTE – That damn little voice is right more times than it’s wrong… I hate being wrong – again.]

Turns out it’s fiber optic up to a central node about 2 blocks away and DSL from there to the house. But it’s sold as fiber optic… bastards.

So the installation was today and the technician was unexpectedly very good. Arrived on time, explained everything fully (even the part about fiber optic), knew his shit, did everything exactly right, double and triple checked his work, and everything now works great.

We have the full package of voice, internet, and TV. The digital TV menu is super along with the DVR which records a number of programs that can (as advertised) be watched on any of our 4 televisions.

The voice package is pretty standard (we only have it because the 11yr old is not ready for his own cell phone) but the online stuff is very nice. Call logs automatically track incoming and outgoing calls. Voicemail can be translated to email and delivered to any address. Call blocking, caller ID, call waiting – it’s pretty nice.

But I’m still a little peeved about the fiber optic thing – when it comes time to switch back to Comcast (because you KNOW they’re going to try to regain our business) I’ll tell AT&T the fiber optic thing was bogus. Who gives a rip what the speed is up to their neighborhood node – I’m buying speed at my computer and nothing less.


One Response to Snookered by AT&T

  1. ComcastMark says:

    We would certainly like for you to become one of our customers again. I am here to assist whenever you decide.

    I also wanted to let you know, due to the transition, we provide the DTA (digital to analog) converter at no charge. The first two are free. Anything after that is available so a minimal fee.

    Sorry for the trouble.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

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