Health Care Hesitations – Michael Barone


Excellent article reviewing health care acceptance by comparing Democrats and Republicans… without the usual name calling or hyperbole.

Two good comments follow the article (emphasis mine):

A problem both parties have is that they get judged by their mouthpieces who have the most obnoxious way of talking. Republicans are judged by the way people like Limbaugh, O’Rielly and now Beck talk. Democrats are judged by the way people like Rangle, Olberman, Matthews and Pelosi talk. I don’t think any of those people represent the entire party; there are others out there who are much quieter, but, have views that DO represent the entire party. If those people or at least their words, were publicized more, what both parties want to do might get a more fair judgment.

Presidents must win over the entire nation. In the case of President Obama who did and continues to do the goal line victory dance because he beat an under talented Senator McCain who evidently floated to the top of the heap. This was not about the talents of the then Senator Obama or Senator Clinton. Both saw writing on wall that yellow dog could win over electorate who were convinced by left it was all the Bush Guy. Even at that, President Obama won by just slightly more than 50% of population. With that slightly over 50% the President has claimed to be chosen by all the people and not the 53% who actually did vote even if the choice was between falling into 6ft of mud instead of 7 ft.

It’s like a magician’s act… if you stop watching what he wants everyone to focus on then you have a chance to understand what’s really going on.


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