CBO Reported For Fishy Statements | Hennessey

Fishy statements about health care reform  |  KeithHennessey.com

This is an absolutely fabulous article – Keith Hennessey riffs on the White House attempt to corral “fishy statements” about the president’s health care reform.

The background is someone at the White House thought it would be good to collect all the opposing health care reform arguments and develop a response for each… at least that’s what I hope was the rational. The problem is they asked people to collect this information and forward it to flag@whitehouse.org. Sort of like snitching on your neighbor – not something we envision the President of the United States doing.

Whether intended or not, this generated a huge amount of suspicion among Obama’s opponents.

Combine that with several very reliable non-partisan CBO (Congressional Budget Office) reports that contradict Obama’s statements about the cost of health care reform.

So Keith Hennessey felt is was his American duty to update flag@whitehouse.org about the CBO reports.

Just a little too true for comedy…


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