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One has the sense that lawmakers are just stunned that ordinary citizens would have the temerity to speak up. Spending most of their time with staffers, lobbyists, and fellow legislators (i.e., sheltered from real people) and soaking up the talking points from their leadership, they simply never encounter people who disagree so bluntly and so loudly with them.

Congressmen are struggling with how to handle common ordinary voters showing up at townhall meetings to express outrage. When you spend trillions of their tax dollars on a supposed stimulus bill that’s too many pages to read, then turn around and follow the lemmings over the ledge with proposed healthcare spending – you get outrage.

No doubt the members of congress will eventually figure out how to adapt to this challenge, but for the time being it’s rather entertaining to watch the deer-in-the-headlights look when a constituent decides enough is enough.


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