Townhall Disruptions

So the conservatives have decided to become boisterous at political events, particularly those attended by their Democrat congressmen. This is partially interesting because usually it’s the liberals who are disruptive while the conservatives remain uninvolved with political protests.

Another interesting point is these are common tactics – liberals have protested in the streets for years, especially when Iraq started up. So now conservatives  are using the same strategy… my question is, since both sides have learned to be disruptive when do we come back to the point where civil discourse is respected? I mean, if everyone decides the only way to get their point across is to cut-off the speaker, chant, and yell above everyone else then our political debates are going to be disastrous.

Where did all the grown-ups go and when did the children take over politics?


One Response to Townhall Disruptions

  1. euandus says:

    I have been surprised by the lack of civil political discourse in some of the threaded discussions in the blogs. I suspect it might reflect the sort of people we are (i.e., in American society). Here is the post if you are interested:

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