Productive Day

Had the day off so was up and at the gym at 10AM, out by 11:30 and on my way to visit Willie. He was sound asleep and after 10 mins there I knew he wouldn’t wake up…

Headed back home to figure out why our recylce bin was missing. The neighbor confirmed they hadn’t taken it by mistake, so I called the city and ordered another one.

After that she went with me to run some errands… make a deposit at the Credit Union, dropped off movies at Blockbuster, picked up a few groceries at Whole Foods, got a haircut in Los Gatos, picked up some food at a Thai restaurant, picked up more at a sushi restaurant, and ended up home around 6 PM. Lots of driving and traffic – very tired when we finally got home. And itchy from hair around my collar – I hate that.

Once home we fired up the BBQ for sausages (yum), ate dinner, practiced my golf swing, played catch with the 11 year-0ld, and now I’m relaxing w/cigar while watching the A’s on



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